SBHC Talmudic Fellows

The SBHC Fellowship strives to increase engagement among the local Jewish community, and to promote a diverse, vibrant Jewish experience for observant Jews in Stony Brook. Fellows take an active role in shaping the SBHC community,  supporting and invigorating Orthodox Jewish life in the Stony Brook area. SBHC Fellows help support religious services and create and implement social and educational programming with a focus on the local Jewish community.

The SBHC Fellowship allows for Fellows to simultaneously strengthen their involvement in the Stony Brook Orthodox community and pursue their graduate degrees. A combination of personal fulfillment and career advancement, the SBHC Fellowship is an enriching and unforgettable experience. 

The SBHC Fellowship strives to build community and promote engaging among our various demographics and seeks to promote a diverse, vibrant Jewish community for observant Jews in Stony Brook. 

From all across America and with an eclectic group of interests, SBHC Fellows come from a diverse background each bringing his own strengths and insights to further fortify the Stony Brook Jewish community.



See contact info for directions / address of our sabbath services.

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