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Fellowship Criteria

Fellows must live within walking distance of the shul and the Rabbi's house. 

Attendance at Shabbat and holiday services (with a break one out of every four weeks, family events and holidays not included).

Attendance at SBHC Torah classes (or other approved Torah study options, as determined by Rabbi Agishtein) two times a week. 

12 hours monthly to community service (social and educational programming, supporting weekday services, supplementary Torah study, assisting in SBHC development, Jewish outreach etc.)

Fellows who live in SBHC Student Housing will maintain a kosher kitchen and observe Shabbat in all common areas

Thinking of joining?


The SBHC Fellowship strives to build community and promote engaging among our various demographics and seeks to promote a diverse, vibrant Jewish community for observant Jews in Stony Brook. 

The Stony Brook Hebrew Congregation Fellowship will be awarded to recipients who would like to take an active role in shaping the SBHC community. Recipients will show a commitment to supporting and invigorating Orthodox Jewish life in the Stony Brook area. SBHC Fellows will support religious services and create and implement social and educational programming with a focus on the local Jewish community. 

In addition to a complimentary shul membership, Fellows will receive a monthly rental subsidy to help them find housing in the area.

(Individual awards to be decided on an individual basis by the Selection Committee, using clearly defined criteria). 

 The SBHC leadership is looking forward to working with this cadre of motivated young leaders to rejuvenate Jewish life in our area. We are looking forward to continuing our work pioneering engagement, education and exploration to Jewish Stony Brook. This Fellowship is open to all applicants who embrace the mission of enhancing Orthodox Jewish life in Stony Brook Area.

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